“The Africarriers Group’s journey has just started. Despite the need for change, at the core we must remember to double down on what has helped us to achieve such incredible success. Innovation, aggressiveness, and quality will always be a constant at Africarriers group, for these fundamental ideals ensure profitability, stability and competitive advantage for the group and all its stakeholders.

However, over time organisations must adapt and change in order to survive in this constantly evolving market. The current economic climate around the world serves as a reminder to us. In 2019 Africarriers redefined its business model, size and organisation structure in order to manage its business more effectively. The structural change was aimed at boosting the Group’s profitability by adopting a more functional structure, through integration of its business units, the markets in which we operate, the business brands and operation models, as well as strengthening commercial and operational stand points.

As we shift away from certain legacy industries we shall continue to incorporate improvements to our business lines to ensure higher profits and continued growth throughout this period. I am pleased to announce that great progress has been made over the past six months and I look forward to continuing our work towards delivering high-quality products and services to all our stakeholders.”


“During this period of transition, the adoption of new technologies across the group is enabling us to strengthen our position as one of east Africa’s leading businesses. Our shift in focus is enabling us to innovate in ways we have not ever done before, strengthening our resolve and vision for our “Made in Africa” initiative which has been adopted across the Group.

As we undertake such a drastic change to our business it is important that we remember the need for transparency. In light of improving transparency, in 2019 our new corporate website was launched with the aim of ensuring global transparent and effective communication to all our clients and partners.

Despite the challenges, we will constantly strive to ensure innovation is at the core of our philosophy as we continue to deliver quality goods and services to all our clients. To all our employees, partners & clients I want to thank you for your continued trust in us, I look forward to ensuring all our stakeholders’ continued satisfaction.”


Mr. Mustafa Rashid has headed the finance department since its humble beginnings in the 70’s. His reputation precedes him and he is one of Tanzania’s most sought after business minds. With over 40 years experience in the financial sector, Mr. Rashid provides his invaluable experience and advice in ensuring an honorable, and socially responsible business.