Our mission is to build long lasting relationships with our customers by offering distinctive products and exceptional service. Keeping the customer at the center of all we do, this is our story.

It is about people coming together to reflect on what matters the most, and giving a voice to their hopes and aspirations. Collectively, we are customer obsessed, we acknowledge the strength of our people and we deliver results sustainably, with an African heartbeat. Today, we share the same dream and the same ideals. The development model we want to implement depends first and foremost on people and to be the employer of choice for the top talents in the markets we served.

In order to succeed, we have decided to generate added value and think differently. We also adapt to the new societal, environmental and economical requirements within the scope of a strategy that has proved successful over the past 45 years.


Our Vision is to contribute to the improvement of the end consumer’s quality of life through constant innovation, research and to achieve excellence in project execution, quality, reliability, safety and operational effciency.

We relentlessly pursue new opportunities, capitalizing on upcoming and new growing markets by consistently enhance our competitiveness and deliver profitable growth.

Our vision strategy is based on diversification in order to guarantee our stability, our independence and to provide a dependable mode of development. By adopting a global vision, we strive to look beyond the sectors that we master to develop awareness for new openings.

We are totally dedicated to building a reputation as the most professional and highly valued group in the local market as well as international market.


Our core values are the pillars that support our Mission & Vision statement. They form the rock solid foundation that guides our individual and collective actions. We are deeply commifed to helping Africa and its people to unlock their potential and playing our part in promoting principled behaviour.

“A Giant In Africa” is our moto that shapes what we do every day and our Code of Ethics guides how we do it. This outlines our values and expected behaviours when engaging with our fellow employees, customers and clients, governments, regulators, business partners, suppliers, competitors and the broader community.

Trust, the core value of our management
We bank primarily on our employees’ sense of initiative and encourage exchange of ideas. We are ready to welcome new talents so as to reinforce our skills.

Innovation, our trade mark
We set new standards by promoting initiatives and by adapting ourselves to market evolution.

Respect, the driving force of our development
We embody family values and we value integrity. We set goals for each of our projects as we believe we can contribute to make the world a better place.